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Like assault, battery is a serious crime which may result in harsh criminal penalties for those convicted. In Orlando, battery (often referred to as simple battery) may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, and involves individuals who have never lived together and who do not share a biological child. How serious the penalties will be for a conviction depend largely on the facts of each individual case. At Adams & Luka, our battery defense attorneys work vigorously on your behalf, our primary goal being to prevent a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties. Your desired outcome is what we work diligently to achieve.

Because battery involves merely touching another person against his or her will, it is not difficult to understand how anyone could be charged. An action as simple as pinching someone or grabbing an arm could result in battery charges if the action was committed against the other person's will and in an intentional manner. Even though it may sound like an almost laughable crime, it is not taken lightly in the state - and criminal penalties are harsh. We urge you to contact the Orlando battery lawyers at Adams & Luka now.

Effective Defense Strategies Against Battery in Orlando

Misdemeanor battery in general is an easy offense to defend. The defense strategy used by your Orlando criminal defense attorney will depend on the facts of your case. Some of the questions you may be asked by your lawyer so that he/she can develop a strong defense strategy include:

  • Were there injuries to anyone present, and if so, who?
  • In regards to the accused and the alleged victim, what is their current relationship, and do they have a history? How did police conduct the investigation?
  • Did police automatically jump to conclusions based on allegations made by the alleged victim, or was the investigation balanced?
  • Does any physical evidence or photographs that prove the contrary of what the victim alleges exist?
  • Was the victim in possession of a weapon at the time of allegations?
  • Were there any eyewitnesses to the incident, and if so, are they on the accused individual's side, or the side of the alleged victim?
  • Was 911 called, and if so do tapes of the call support the allegations made by the victim?
  • Do you have a solid alibi?
  • Does the alleged victim have a history of dishonest or violence?
  • Has the alleged victim or any witnesses made statements that are inconsistent with prior statements?

These are just a few of the types of questions you should expect when your defense attorney is working to build a solid defense.

Injury to the alleged victim does not have to occur in order for someone to be charged with simple battery. All that is required is that the alleged victim was intentionally touched by the defendant against his or her will. At this point, it is irrelevant whether the victim sustained injury, or the extent of that injury.

Criminal Penalties for Battery in Orlando & Central Florida

Simple battery or misdemeanor battery will result in the following criminal penalties for those found guilty:

  • A maximum of one year in jail
  • Up to one year of probation
  • A maximum fine of $1,000

The judge can impose any combination of these penalties at his or her discretion.

While these penalties may not seem too severe, it is not only the penalties themselves that can affect your life. Having a criminal record can negatively impact your career, future employment opportunities, and other areas of your life. This is particularly true for career professionals who hold a license for their employment such as doctors, attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents, and others.

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We understand that unless you have been arrested for a criminal offense in the past, you have no idea what you are facing or what your future holds. The legal justice system is one that is highly complex, one reason it is vital to obtain the support and guidance of a capable Orlando battery lawyer immediately. The sooner you obtain legal representation, the sooner work can begin on developing a solid, effective defense. At Adams & Luka, we are compassionate, dedicated attorneys who believe everyone deserves a second chance. Let us use our skill and experience to fight for you! Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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