Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

Being convicted on charges of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman will leave you facing severe and life-changing penalties. At Orlando based Adams & Luka our assault and battery lawyers are experienced in felony criminal law, an essential factor to consider for those who have been accused and desire the best possible outcome.

According to Florida Statute 784.045(1)(b), some aspects of the offense must be proven by the prosecution for the defendant to be convicted of this second-degree felony offense.

These elements include:

  • The defendant caused bodily harm or touched/struck the victim intentionally and against her will;
  • At the time of the battery the victim was pregnant;
  • At the time the assault occurred the defendant knew or should have known the victim was pregnant.

Proving all of the necessary elements of a crime is not an easy task in many cases. We work diligently to fight the charges and secure an acquittal, have charges dismissed, or reduced in situations when obtaining a not guilty verdict is not possible.

What is Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Person?

Aggravated battery offense requires that a deadly weapon is used in the crime or great bodily harm occurs. However, when the alleged victim is a pregnant woman, it is not necessary that a deadly weapon such as a baseball bat is used in the commission of the crime or that the woman suffers great bodily harm or injury. A simple battery becomes a severe felony offense when a pregnant person is touched in any way that is unwanted, even if the person is not injured. As you can imagine, it is not difficult for someone to be wrongly accused of this offense. The idea that you could lose your freedom and spend time in prison over touching a pregnant person's arm is almost laughable, however, criminal charges are no laughing matter. A conviction will steal your freedom and result in a stigma that follows you throughout life.

Defenses to Charges of Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman

Various defenses may be used in defending against these serious criminal charges depending on the facts of your case. Our Orlando criminal defense attorneys will explore all possible options and work with you to develop a robust, effective legal strategy to minimize damaging consequences. Some possible defenses include:

  • You did not know the person was pregnant
  • You did not intentionally touch the victim
  • You had permission or consent to touch the pregnant woman
  • It was an act of self-defense

Those convicted of aggravated battery on a pregnant person will face harsh punishment that may include:

  • A prison term of up to 15 years
  • Up to 15 years of probation
  • A fine of as much as $10,000

It is important to note that if the defendant and victim were in a qualifying relationship (for example married, living together), the defendant may face charges of domestic violence which could bring about additional statutory penalties. The minimum sentence for those convicted of this crime is 21 months.

A conviction not only results in the above penalties but will also impact your life in many other aspects. You may lose your right to vote or own a firearm; finding employment, getting a student loan or renting a home will be difficult because of your criminal record. When facing second-degree felony charges, it is critical to work with a lawyer who will work vigorously to protect your freedom and secure the best possible result in your case.

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