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aggravated battery

Aggravated battery, also sometimes referred to as felony battery in Florida, will leave an individual who is convicted of this serious offense facing harsh criminal penalties. What is aggravated battery? Simply stated, it is simple or misdemeanor battery with an extra element added in - that of causing great bodily harm, or the use of a deadly weapon.

At Adams & Luka, our defense attorneys are committed to helping our clients avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction, which often include not only criminal penalties, but also tarnishing the defendant's reputation and career. Our aggravated battery attorneys understand how a conviction can impact every impact of an individual's life, including employment and housing opportunities. We urge you to work with a skilled and capable lawyer who will work diligently and help determine the most effective legal options to pursue.

Pregnancy and Aggravated Battery in Orlando

It is important to note that the assault of a pregnant person will result in a felony aggravated battery charge. However, prosecutors have certain elements to prove, in this case that you knew or should have known the person you assaulted was pregnant. These elements are not always easy to prove.

Aggravated Battery - Defense Strategies

There are various defense strategies used by attorneys to defend their clients, and the defense your lawyer chooses is based on the facts of your particular case. Self defense and consent are two of the most common defenses to the crime of aggravated battery:

  • Self defense. You may have been defending yourself using non-deadly force from an unlawful attack by another person. This defense may also be referred to as the justified use of force.
  • Consent. Because one of the elements of battery is that the alleged victim was touched and did not consent to be touched or contacted, this is a viable defense. It may be proven that the alleged victim gave consent to be in contact with the accused, such as would be the case in athletic events such as football or basketball. Mutual combat may also fall under a consent defense, as in a situation such as a bar fight where all who were involved would not be able to legitimately claim non-consensual contact.
Criminal Penalties for Aggravated Battery in Orlando and Central Florida

An individual may be found guilty of aggravated battery if he or she uses a deadly weapon while committing battery on someone else, or intentionally causes the victim permanent disfigurement or disability, or severe bodily injury. As mentioned earlier, battery of a pregnant person if you knew or should have known the alleged victim was pregnant will result in aggravated battery charges.

The penalties for this offense in Florida include a maximum of 15 years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

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