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If you have been arrested or charged with assault, it is vital that you contact a capable and aggressive assault attorney immediately. At Adams & Luka, we understand the serious consequences you may face if found guilty of assault. We provide vigorous, effective legal counsel for those accused of assault, and will put all of our skill and experience to work on your behalf to defend your legal rights, freedom, and reputation.

In Florida, it is unlawful to threaten another individual with violence intentionally, making the intended victim fearful that you actually have the ability to proceed with the violence threatened. Unfortunately, there are times when an argument gets out of hand and threats are made, or even carried through.

In order for an individual to be found guilty of assault, the prosecutor must prove three elements:

  1. the defendant unlawfully and intentionally threatened by act or word to inflict violence on another person;
  2. at the time of the threat, the defendant apparently possessed the ability to carry through with the threat;
  3. the act of the defendant put in the alleged victim's mind a well-founded fear that the threatened violence was imminent or about to occur.

It is important to note that the alleged victim's fear must be justifiable. If it cannot be proven that the accused had specific intent to cause the alleged victim to be fearful, the defendant cannot be convicted of the crime of assault.

Assault is one of the most frequently charged crimes; it is vital that you discuss your situation with a capable criminal defense attorney immediately, before speaking to police or answering questions.

Defenses to Assault in Orlando and Central Florida

There are several effective defense strategies which may be used to protect against a conviction in cases involving assault. Verbal arguments can often result in misunderstandings, and the intentions of each person are not always clear-cut. Defenses often used in assault cases include:

  • Defense of yourself or others who may be present
  • Defense of property
  • Prevention of a crime
  • Punishment of those who may be under the care of the defendant

Because of the subjective nature of assault, it is an offense that is considered one of the most defendable.

Florida Criminal Penalties for Assault in Orlando and Central Florida

Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense in Florida; the accused does not have to make physical contact or injure the alleged victim in order to be found guilty. If convicted of assault, the criminal penalties include:

  • Fine of up to $500
  • 60 days in jail or six months probation

While the penalties for assault are not as serious as those for other assault/battery crimes, no one wants to spend time in jail or be required to pay hundreds of dollars in fines. In addition, having a conviction on your criminal record could affect employment opportunities and even the penalties you may face if convicted of a future criminal offense.

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