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Criminal actions such as identity theft, bank fraud, mail/wire fraud, drug sales and Ponzi schemes are often involved in racketeering which in a sense is organized fraud designed to gain money through illegal means. Also referred to as R.I.C.O. (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization) cases, this type of charge is extremely serious and can be difficult to defend because of their complex nature. If you are under investigation or have been charged, it is critical to consult with an experienced and aggressive racketeering attorney in Orlando. At Adams & Luka we provide vigorous defense along with unsurpassed legal guidance and support for each of our clients.

Could You be Charged with Racketeering in Orlando?

It is extremely difficult to determine who is at fault in a racketeering case, basically due to the fact there are often countless people involved. Arson, dealing in illegal drugs, financial crimes such as money laundering, murder or other crimes often involve many parties who orchestrate the offense, so it is hard to know whether you may be criminally charged as the role you play and whether you were aware of the full extent of the crime can make a difference. Some individuals are completely unaware of their involvement in racketeering until the point they are potentially facing criminal charges.

Prosecutors are relentless and aggressive when it comes to cases involving organized crime. The primary goal is to ensure all who they believe are involved are held accountable and punished to the highest possible extent allowed by the law. It is imperative to work with a capable Orlando criminal defense lawyer when facing these serious charges, as you could potentially face decades in prison if convicted. A conviction will literally ruin your reputation and cost you your freedom, not to mention the damage to your family and personal relationships.

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Whether at the state or federal level agents and investigators will go to great lengths to determine your possible involvement in insurance or government fraud, counterfeiting, drug possession or related offenses, credit card fraud and other criminal actions often involved in racketeering. Regardless of the seriousness of the allegations, you have legal rights that must be protected. When you choose Adams & Luka to handle your case, you have the confidence of knowing you are provided with exceptional legal representation and attorneys who have the skill, experience and dedicated approach essential to reaching positive results. Contact our law firm now for a free case evaluation.

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