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Today, the unlawful possession and sale of prescription drugs including Oxycodone, Vicodin, Valium, Fentanyl, OxyContin, and other drugs is a growing problem. In Florida, most prescriptions drugs are classified as schedule II drugs which means the drugs are valid for medical use, but are highly abused and may lead to addiction or dependency. If you have been charged with an offense involving prescription drugs, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced Orlando prescription drug defense lawyer at Adams & Luka immediately.

Depending on the offense, a conviction could result in suspension of your driver's license, substantial fines, or a lengthy prison sentence. In fact, the most serious crimes may result in a 30-year prison term. If the alleged offense took place near a public park, school, or college, the penalties may be even more severe. Unfortunately, millions of people have become addicted to morphine, hydrocodone, alprazolam and other prescription drugs. This has led to an increase in the unlawful selling, manufacturing, and trafficking of these drugs.

Types of Prescription Drug Charges in Orlando

Simple possession, possession with intent to sell or distribute, prescription fraud, prescription forgery, and trafficking are the most common prescription drug charges in Florida, a state that has seen a marked increase in arrests for these crimes over the last decade.

With simple possession, you may face criminal charges for possessing just a few pills if you do not have a valid prescription for the medication. For instance, if you are caught with even as few as seven hydrocodone pills that were not prescribed to you, it is possible you could face a three-year prison sentence.

Possession with intent to sell or deliver or manufacture of a controlled substance will result in severe criminal penalties for those convicted. This is a first-degree felony, the most serious charge for a drug crime.

Prescription fraud and/or forgery. Prescription fraud occurs when someone obtains prescription drugs by fraudulent means, such as "doctor shopping" (visiting several doctors to get a prescription), altering a written prescription in order to obtain more pills than was in the original prescription, stealing prescription medications from family or friends, or getting oxycodone, hydrocodone, or other prescription medications illegally through the U.S. postal service after ordering online. Additionally, an individual may alter or duplicate a prescription or even counterfeit in order to obtain a large number of pills. In some cases people forge a prescription

Possible Defenses to Prescription Drug Charges in Florida

Defending clients accused of prescription drug charges is what we do. It may be that your rights were violated when evidence was collected, or errors were made by police during the investigation. In some instances, police may not have had probable cause to search you, pull you over, or seize medications. In the event evidence was obtained in an illegal manner, it may be possible to have that evidence suppressed. Entrapment, mistaken identity, lack of knowledge, complete innocence, and lack of possession are other possible defenses that may result in charges being dismissed or reduced, depending on your particular case. Pretrial diversion or drug court programs may also be beneficial in having drug charges dismissed or avoiding jail time.

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Possession of prescription drugs, trafficking, forgery or fraud, or possession with intent/trafficking are all serious accusations. Whether you are under investigation, have been arrested, or are charged with a crime involving prescription drugs, it is imperative that you take action immediately in order to protect your freedom, career, and future. At Adams & Luka, we fight aggressively on behalf of those accused of crimes involving prescription drugs. Contact us for a free consultation immediately.

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