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Drug trafficking is a serious crime in Florida and across the country, regardless of whether the drug being trafficked is cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, or other illicit substance. At Adams & Luka, our Orlando drug crime lawyers know that law enforcement agencies keep a close look out for individuals they suspect may be participating in trafficking marijuana. Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation, it is critical that you obtain the legal guidance and support of a skilled trafficking attorney right away. Your freedom and future may be at stake; we work to protect your legal rights, and obtain the best possible results in your case.

Drug trafficking typically involves selling marijuana or another controlled substance to other countries, or across state lines. You may not realize it, but having 25 pounds of marijuana or more in your possession is considered drug trafficking under the state's Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. This means that even if you are not selling or distributing marijuana, you may still be charged with trafficking.

According to Florida Statute §893.135, marijuana trafficking is defined as knowingly manufacturing, selling, buying, delivering, bringing into the state, or being in constructive or actual possession of marijuana in amounts greater than 300 plants, or 25 lbs. Drug trafficking of marijuana is considered a first-degree felony, although other factors will affect the penalties an individual faces if convicted.

Defenses to Charges of Marijuana Trafficking in Florida

In order for an individual to be found guilty of drug trafficking involving marijuana, the state must prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt. These include:

  • The individual arrested knowingly possessed, manufactured, sold, delivered, or bought a certain substance, or brought it into Florida;
  • That substance is cannabis or marijuana;
  • The quantity involved in the alleged offense was more than 300 plants, or 25 lbs. of marijuana
  • The individual arrested for marijuana trafficking knew what the substance was.

A skilled drug trafficking attorney in Orlando will challenge the prosecutor's case and demand that all elements are proven beyond a doubt. In addition, your defense lawyer will closely review your case to determine whether mistakes were made by police, whether your rights were violated, and other facts which may be useful in developing a solid defense strategy. It is important to note that in a marijuana trafficking case, the statements made by the defendant are often the most powerful evidence brought by prosecutors; invoke your right to remain silent, and do not answer any questions posed to you other than giving your name and/or address.

Criminal Penalties for Trafficking of Marijuana in Orlando

The criminal penalties if found guilty of trafficking marijuana depend on various factors, including the amount of cannabis/marijuana involved. Even first time offenders face first-degree felony charges, with minimum penalties as described below:

  • 25 to 1,999 pounds of marijuana or 300 to 1,999 plants - $25,000 fine, minimum of three (3) years in prison
  • 2,000 to 9,999 pounds of marijuana or 2,000 to 9,999 plants - $50,000 fine, minimum of seven (7) years in prison
  • More than 10,000 pounds of marijuana or 10,000 plants - $200,000 fine, minimum of 15 years in prison

Other sanctions if convicted include driver's license suspension for two years, ineligibility for certain educational opportunities or jobs, loss of your right to own a firearm, and more. The social stigma on its own will affect your standing in the community and interfere with your daily life. It is vital you obtain aggressive legal counsel immediately.

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