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Pre-Trail DUI

In the state of Florida, first-time offenders charged with DUI may be eligible for pre-trial diversion and/or alternative penalties. Similar to probation in a criminal conviction rather than incarceration, these programs offer an alternative to serving jail time and other penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Successful completion of a pre-trial diversion program will result in expungement of the case from your criminal record, and dismissal of the DUI charges. At Adams & Luke, our Orlando DUI defense attorneys are highly experienced and familiar with all of the options when it comes to driving under the influence. We are ready to provide you with the legal guidance and support necessary to make the best possible decisions on issues that could affect your reputation, career, and future.

Ultimately, the purpose of pre-trial diversion programs is to allow a first-time offender to keep a DUI conviction off of the offender's criminal record. Criminal records are available to the public, which means a conviction could impact employment opportunities, housing, availability of financing such as student loans, and more. For first-time DUI offenders, it may be to your advantage to consider these programs.

What is Required to Participate in Pre-Trial Diversion Programs in Florida?

As mentioned above, you must be a first-time offender. In addition, you will not qualify if your DUI charge was reduced to a charge of reckless driving. It is also important to note that this option is not available in all jurisdictions in Florida, however it has proven to be successful in Orange and surrounding counties.

Ultimately, successful completion will allow offenders to avoid the serious penalties of a DUI conviction, such as jail time, steep fines, and a criminal record. It is required that those who participate attend a drug and alcohol class, DUI school, and in some cases perform community service for a specific number of hours or attend a local victim impact panel. Other requirements include:

  • Random urine screening
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device for six months
  • 10-day vehicle immobilization

When you complete a diversion program successfully, you essentially avoid a criminal record and get a second chance. The DUI charge against you will be dismissed, or reduced to a reckless driving charge.

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