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Violation of Community Contract in Orlando

Just as being sentenced to time in jail or prison is a punishment, community control is a punishment given in felony criminal cases to some individuals; ultimately, it is an alternative to prison. Under Florida statute §948.101, community control involves living under conditions which are determined by the court, including confinement to a designated residence during specific hours when not at work/school, and electronic monitoring so that you are under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. While it involves much more, violating the conditions or terms of community control is serious. At Adams & Luka, our Orlando criminal defense attorneys are committed to providing the legal guidance and support you need when accused of community control violation.

Unlike probation in which an individual may remain active in the community as long as he/she adheres to the conditions of probation, community control is a more severe punishment, as the individual is sentenced to what is essentially "jail at home" and cannot leave the residence other than for specific purposes, such as to go to or from work or perform community service if ordered by the court. Whether imposed by a U.S. federal court or Florida criminal court, community control is a sanction that requires the defendant obtain special permission before traveling outside of the county or state. Many defendants who are sentenced to community control stay in close contact with their Orlando criminal defense lawyers, as you must go through the courts for any modification to the terms/conditions of community control, or in case of violations of those terms.

Defenses to Violations of Community Control in Florida

Those who allegedly violate community control will need an attorney to file a bond motion. Following the bond hearing, our Orlando violation of community control lawyers will investigate the situation in order to develop the most effective defense against the charge. Some of the most important questions in determining a solid defense strategy include:

  • Did the defendant violate the conditions of community control willfully?
  • If you failed a drug screen or urinalysis, could the testing equipment have been faulty or not working properly?
  • If you failed to pay restitution or fines, were you making a good-faith attempt while under financial hardship?
  • If you changed residences without approval or failed to report to your probation officer, was there a valid reason or excuse for your actions?

There are many defense tactics that may be solid in these types of cases. How we defend you against the charge will depend largely on your unique situation, and the violation(s) you are accused of.

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If you have been charged with violation of community control, you know the consequences are serious. While essentially serving jail time at home is no fun, being locked up in jail is even worse. At Adams & Luka, our top priority is providing the legal guidance and support to help ensure our clients can avoid harsh criminal penalties and loss of freedom when at all possible. We provide a free consultation, so call our office immediately at (407) 872-0307 or (352) 787-2101 so that action can be taken on your behalf.

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