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General Criminal Charges

Orlando and Central Florida Criminal Charges Defense Attorneys

At Adams & Luka, our Orlando criminal defense attorneys understand that anyone, regardless of standing in the community or career, can be charged with a crime. Some criminal offenses are minor in comparison to others, which can leave you facing jail/prison time, probation, fines, community service, loss of a professional license, and more. Even seemingly minor offenses can leave you with a criminal record if convicted, impacting various aspects of your life forever. A criminal history can make your life difficult, as securing employment, a home loan, bank loan, or even credit can be challenging or impossible. Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation for burglary, probation violations, disorderly conduct, stalking, or have questions regarding your bond hearing, possible early termination of probation, or the penalties for first time offenders, we can help.

In addition to the stress you may experience when arrested for a crime, you may be concerned about whether it may be possible to get a bond reduction, or how violating probation may affect you. First time offenders are often curious about whether the criminal penalties they will face will be as serious as those repeat offenders often face. Being accused of any crime is frightening and stressful; you face uncertainty regarding your freedom, future, career, reputation, and more. We represent individuals under investigation or arrested for all types of general criminal charges, no matter how minor or serious those charges may be. We know that in order to reach the results you desire, your central Florida criminal defense lawyer must be experienced, skilled, and dedicated to giving your case the personal attention required to obtain a good outcome.

Some of the areas we have substantial experience and success with include, but are not limited to:

Representing Orlando and Central Florida Clients Charged with All Types of Crimes

Certain offenses such as trespassing, disorderly conduct, or other non-violent crimes may not seem serious, while others, such as child abuse, aggravated stalking, or kidnapping are extremely serious. Depending on the criminal offense you have allegedly committed, you may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Generally speaking, misdemeanor offenses do not incur the serious criminal penalties a conviction for a felony offense might, such as substantial prison time. A misdemeanor conviction may leave you facing up to one year in county jail, while a guilty verdict for a more serious crime may leave you facing any number of years or possibly life in prison.

We understand how criminal charges can turn your life upside down, and that you have many questions regarding the criminal justice process in central Florida and how a conviction may impact your reputation, career, even family relationships. If you have already been sentenced to probation, is it possible the term may be shortened? What can you expect at your bond hearing, and as a first time offender, will you face severe punishment if found guilty? What are your legal options? Should you plead not guilty, guilty, or no contest for the best possible outcome? The criminal justice system is highly complex. You must have an Orlando criminal defense lawyer who is highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding criminal law in Florida, and how police/prosecutors work.

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Regardless of whether you have been charged with a crime, or want to learn more about potential legal options, probation, violation of community contract, or other issues, it is vital you consult with a capable and highly qualified Orlando criminal defense lawyer. At Adams & Luka, we are committed to helping clients with all issues, no matter how minor or serious they may be. Contact us today for a free consultation at (407)872-0307 or (352)787-2101.

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