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Bond Hearing/Reduction in Orlando

At Adams & Luka, we know that no one wants to remain in jail on criminal charges for one minute longer than is necessary. You may be held without bond, or have a high bond that must be reduced in order for you to be released. The most important step a family member can take when a loved one has been placed behind bars is to contact an experienced Orlando bond hearing lawyer. Your defense attorney will act immediately to help free the defendant from jail by filing a bond motion and securing a hearing. At this hearing, we will work to demonstrate that your loved one should be released from jail, as he/she is not a threat to the community or a flight risk. Without the guidance of a capable attorney, getting a bond or reduction in bond is extremely difficult.

In Florida, anyone who is arrested has the right to be released on bond unless the offense is a capital felony crime. Bond hearings are extremely common in cases involving violation of probation. Most people have heard of bail bondsmen; these companies provide a written pledge or guaranty and are a type of security guaranteeing that the defendant will show up to court or perform some other required action. The bonding company requires payment for this bond or guaranty.

It is also very important to realize that the longer a person remains in jail, the higher the chances are that something incriminating may be said. Unfortunately, many people who have been arrested believe that they will be released sooner if they admit their guilt, if they "give in," so to speak. This is not generally the case, particularly if the individual has not hired a defense attorney to defend against the maximum punishment of a guilty plea. At Adams & Luka, our Orlando bond reduction attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in bond matters.

Why Do You Need an Attorney at a Bond Hearing? Why Not Just Use a Public Defender?

The fact is, public defenders are overloaded with work; it may be weeks, or even months before a public defender finally gets to your case. Ultimately, a judge will take an individual's request for bond more seriously when that individual hires a reputable attorney. Someone who is paying a lawyer to represent him or her in court is perceived by the judge as less of a flight risk. Credibility is hugely important when it comes to getting bond, or having bond reduced. By hiring Adams & Luka, you can rest assured that you have attorneys on your side who will work vigorously to compel the judge to release you on your own recognizance, or lower a bond that is too high.

In setting a bond amount, the court may consider certain factors including past criminal history, standing in the community, the strength of evidence in the case, employment history, and other factors. In most cases, bond is set with 24 hours of the defendant's arrest.

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Ultimately, anyone who is put in jail wants to be bonded out as quickly as possible; if the bond is too high, a reduction may be necessary to expedite release from jail. At Adams & Luka, our Orlando bond hearings attorneys are dedicated to helping you get set free as quickly as possible. Call us immediately at (407) 872-0307 or (352)-787-2101.

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