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While property owners are responsible for maintaining their premises in a way that helps visitors to their property avoid injuries, they also owe a duty to provide adequate security which can prevent assault, physical attack, robbery, or other violence. At Adams & Luka, our Orlando negligent security lawyers work vigorously to hold those who are liable accountable for their negligence.

Property owners must take sufficient security precautions to ensure the safety of visitors to their property. Depending on the type of property/circumstances, security may involve having video surveillance cameras installed, adequate lighting, added safety features or design of a property that decreases risk, even staffing of security personnel. Potential attackers or robbers often take advantage when properties lack security, which can result in physical injury, rape, robbery, or other serious crimes.

While an assailant can be held criminally liable, property owners may also be held responsible when they fail to put protective measures in place designed to enhance the safety and security of visitors. For instance, a hotel or apartment complex owner may fail to provide adequate lighting in hallways or stair wells, which makes these areas more dangerous for those on the premises.

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Not only may property owners be held liable for negligent security, managers or landlords may also be held responsible in some cases. For example, if an apartment manager is responsible for keeping hallways brightly lit and ensuring security personnel are on duty but fails to do so, he/she may be held responsible for damages an injured victim incurs on the property.

Negligent security can occur anywhere, whether in a shopping mall, gas station, parking lot, hotel, casino, ATM kiosk, airport, amusement park, or other location. As nearly everyone is aware, crime rates have only increased over the years; our world today simply is not a safe place. As trusted Orlando personal injury lawyers, we will thoroughly review and evaluate your case to determine all parties who may be held responsible in our efforts to collect the full damages you deserve.

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In most cases, negligent security involves someone sustaining serious injury or even fatal injury due to a physical attack or assault on public property. No matter where it occurred, victims deserve compensation of medical costs, lost wages, emotional distress, and other costs related to the incident. An attack or assault that results in injury can turn your life upside down; in fact, your entire family may be affected. At Adams & Luka, our top priority is ensuring you are awarded the compensation you deserve, and that property owners/managers are held responsible. Contact us today for a free consultation at (407) 872-0307 or (352) 787-2101.

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