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Violent Crimes

Orlando and Central Florida Violent Crimes Attorneys

Violent crimes often involve injury to another individual, or the use of threats/force to accomplish the crime. Often charged as a felony, a violent crime may leave those convicted facing harsh criminal penalties including substantial prison time. It is vital to take action immediately in order to protect not only your freedom and future, but your legal rights as well. We urge you to contact the Orlando violent crimes lawyers at Adams & Luka now for the aggressive legal representation necessary to achieve good results.

We have successfully defended clients charged with violent crimes for decades, and are dedicated to protecting your legal rights, and providing you with outstanding legal guidance and support. A conviction will not only affect your freedom and reputation, it will also affect your career, family relationships, and standing in the community. Violent crimes have far-reaching consequences, which is why it is critical to seek out the support of a highly qualified Orlando criminal defense attorney immediately.

Violent crimes include, but are not limited to:

Other crimes considered violent include kidnapping, vehicular homicide, child abuse, and more. In many cases, deadly weapons or firearms are used or present in the commission of certain violent crimes. This only makes the situation more serious; you must take action to protect your legal rights and freedom.

Central Florida Violent Crimes Lawyers Committed to Fighting on Our Clients' Behalf

Certain crimes such as murder may leave those convicted facing the death penalty. Whether or not a weapon or firearm was used in the commission of the crime, or the individual accused has a prior criminal conviction can impact the criminal penalties a person faces. Depending on the crime committed, you may be sentenced to as little as one year in jail, or be placed behind bars for a lifetime. We understand the seriousness of these types of crimes when compared to other non-violent crimes. We will work aggressively to protect your legal rights, explore all legal options, and develop a solid, effective defense strategy in an effort to help you avoid a conviction and the resulting consequences.

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When charged with or under investigation for a violent crime, it is vital to consult with a capable defense attorney right away - time is of the essence, and it takes time to thoroughly investigate, explore the evidence, and build a solid defense strategy. We have the experience, skill, and dedicated approach to reach positive results; let us fight for you. Contact us immediately for a free consultation at (407)872-0307 or (352)787-2101.

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