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At Adams & Luka, we know that even being accused of a sex crime, regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, can be humiliating and affect your relationships, possibly even your career. Many people are wrongly accused, and unfortunately pay for crimes they did not commit. Whether you have been arrested for sexual battery or are under investigation for prostitution or lewd and lascivious behavior, it is critical to seek the legal guidance and support of a skilled Wildwood sex crimes attorney. If you are being investigated, do not wait until you have been charged to contact us. In order to avoid a lengthy prison term and protect your reputation and freedom, it is important to take action early on.

It is fairly common in central Florida and throughout the U.S. for innocent individuals to be accused of sex crimes they did not commit. Sadly, motives such as revenge or jealousy can lead people to fabricate stories; a parent may even coerce a child into saying things that are not true in an effort to secure full custody in a divorce case. Children may lie for many reasons, and adults who are involved in relationships may suddenly decide that the sex they engaged in one evening after having a few drinks at the bar was not consensual, even though at the time it was. These types of cases can be extremely delicate and require a defense lawyer who is experienced and skilled in this area of criminal law.

Our team has provided outstanding legal guidance and representation for clients accused of sex crimes, obtaining good results. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we effectively represent those accused of:

Harsh Criminal Penalties for Those Convicted of Sex Crimes in Wildwood

Being charged with child pornography, rape, or an Internet sting is a frightening and stressful experience. What criminal penalties will you face if found guilty, and how will all of this affect your career, freedom, reputation, and family relationships? The criminal penalties a person is subject to depends on the crime committed, criminal history, age of the victim, and other factors. For instance, a conviction for sexual battery or rape may result in 30 years in prison, life in prison, or even the death sentence depending on specific circumstances. All felony sex offenses also leave the defendant labeled a sex offender, as the court orders those who are convicted of felony sex crimes to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

You must work with an aggressive, dedicated defense lawyer who will fight hard on your behalf!

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As with all crimes, anyone facing allegations of a sex-related offense are innocent until proven guilty. At Adams & Luka, our Wildwood sex crimes lawyers will vigorously investigate the allegations against you, examine the evidence, explore all legal avenues, and develop the most solid, effective defense strategy possible. Our ultimate goal is to have charges dismissed, or to obtain an acquittal at trial. For unsurpassed legal guidance and representation, contact our firm for a free consultation at (352)787-2101.

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