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Drug crimes are punished harshly in the state of Florida; when arrested for possession, cultivation of marijuana, possession with intent to sell, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, or any other drug-related offense, it is critical you work with an experienced The Villages drug crimes attorney. At Adams & Luka, our top priority is protecting your freedom and securing the best possible result in your case.

Florida Imposes Severe Criminal Penalties on Those Convicted of Drug Crimes

Drug offenses are charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, with a felony being the more serious of the two. There are several factors that determine the criminal penalties a person will face if found guilty of a drug crime, including the type and amount of substance involved, the individual's prior criminal drug history, even where the alleged offense occurred, such as in close proximity of a park, church, or school. If found guilty of a misdemeanor offense, penalties may include a maximum of one year in jail. For a felony conviction, you may face up to 30 years in prison, along with substantial fines. Those convicted of a drug crime will also have a criminal record which may impact employment, housing, and other aspect of their lives.

Some of the most common drug crimes include:

When charged with possession, possession with intent to sell, distribution, cultivation, or other drug offenses, there are several legal options many people are not aware of. Depending on your unique case, it may be beneficial to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors. In some cases, it is best to go forward with a trial. We may file a motion to suppress certain evidence, or discuss other avenues you may want to consider depending on the details of your case. Prosecutors must prove very specific elements of a crime; if they cannot, the defendant cannot be found guilty. We will fight aggressively to protect your freedom.

Drug Crimes in The Villages - Navigating the Criminal Justice System

Should you plead guilty or not guilty? It is difficult for most people to know whether to fight the charges against them, or even whether there is a possibility the charges could be dismissed or reduced. At Adams & Luka, our The Villages drug crimes lawyers will work with you closely to provide the legal guidance and support you need during one of the most difficult times in your life. We will answer your questions, advise you about possible legal options, and work diligently to secure the best possible outcome. Contact us for a free consultation today at (352)259-3340.

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