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Whether you have been accused of drug possession, manufacturing and/or cultivation, sales or delivery, attempted sale of illegal drugs, or even possession of paraphernalia or drug trafficking, the importance of contacting an experienced St. Cloud drug crimes attorney immediately cannot be stressed enough. At Adams & Luka, we know how aggressive prosecutors are in their efforts to obtain a conviction. We use all of our skill, experience, and knowledge to fight for your freedom and protect your legal rights.

Even a conviction for a relatively minor drug crime can dramatically impact your life. While you may not face substantial prison time for an offense such as marijuana possession, you will have a criminal record which will affect employment opportunities, educational opportunities, even your ability to purchase or rent a home in some instances. Florida takes drug crimes very seriously; you should as well if you have been charged or are under investigation.

Our firm has experienced great success in defending clients accused of such drug offenses as:

Florida Criminal Penalties for Drug Offenders

While the penalties vary widely depending on the type and amount of drug involved, the specific crime, where the offense took place, criminal history, and other factors, many drug crimes will result in prison time and substantial fines if the defendant is found guilty. While those crimes charged as a misdemeanor offense do not typically result in penalties as harsh as those for a felony conviction, you may still face up to one year in county jail. If found guilty of a felony, you may be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison. Essentially your freedom, reputation, career, and even relationships may be at stake.

Our St. Cloud drug crimes lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for each of our clients. Through thorough investigation and careful analysis of the evidence, we work to develop a strong, effective defense strategy and determine all possible legal options, looking for any weaknesses which may exist in the state's case against you. It may be in your best interest to accept a plea deal, or it may be to your benefit to proceed to trial. Each case is different; we work with you to determine how best to proceed in order to reach the results you desire.

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