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Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation for shoplifting, employee theft, identity theft, or even auto or grand theft it is imperative to consult with an experienced Lake County theft attorney immediately. Even if you have not been formally charged, it's important that your legal rights are protected. You may never have been in trouble in your life, but even a misdemeanor charge could result in criminal penalties and a criminal record if convicted. At Adams & Luka, we provide vigorous legal representation for clients accused of theft-related crimes. We are on your side, and dedicated to protecting your freedom.

Many employers view theft crimes as those of dishonesty, which means finding employment may be difficult when a person is found guilty of any type of theft. A criminal conviction also makes it far more difficult to obtain housing, or to secure a loan. A criminal record impacts a person's life far more than most people realize. Even when you have only been accused, it is important to secure capable legal counsel.

Consequences of a Theft Conviction in Lake County

Aside from the consequences mentioned above, a conviction for petit or grand theft, or any related offense may result in serious criminal penalties and other damage to your life. Prison or jail time, substantial fines, probation, restitution, electronic monitoring, community service, and other consequences are possible depending on the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of, your criminal history, and other factors.

In addition, those convicted of a theft crime may face driver's license suspension, loss of occupational or professional licenses, loss of business and/or clients, loss of academic scholarships, and even the loss of trust among family members or friends. It is also important to note that a conviction could result in denial of application for U.S. citizenship or Green Cards.

As trusted Lake County theft lawyers with more than 30 years of combined experience, we have successfully represented clients charged with:

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Regardless of whether the allegations against you seem minor or serious, it is critical to speak with a seasoned defense attorney right away. There are legal options you may be eligible for, such as intervention or diversion programs. It may be to your benefit to plead guilty to a lesser offense, depending on the situation. We will provide you with exceptional legal guidance and support, working vigorously to obtain the best possible result in your case. Contact us now for a free consultation at (352)787-2101.

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