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Whether you have been accused of sexual battery, solicitation to meet a minor, prostitution, child pornography, or any other sex-related offense, sex crimes are the most socially stigmatizing crimes today. Although every person is innocent until proven guilty under the law, many people look at it just the opposite - you are guilty until proven innocent. It is an unfortunate fact, however you must work with a capable and aggressive Eustis sex crimes attorney if you have been arrested or are under investigation for a sex crime. One thing you want to avoid is cooperating with police, as doing so is virtual suicide. Law enforcement will use anything you say against you, although police will act as though they are your friend and trying to help. Don’t believe it. Contact Adams & Luke now, before you take any other action.

It is astounding the number of people who sit behind prison bars today accused of sex-related crimes they did not commit. While these types of offenses are punished severely, it is all too easy for an innocent person to be falsely accused. Those found guilty may be sentenced to a few years in prison, or a few decades. Even worse for many is that fact they are labeled a sex offender, and shunned by society. Registered sex offenders face extreme difficulty when it comes to employment, housing, and other aspects of their lives. It is literally a life sentence.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Adams & Luka has successfully represented clients charged with a wide array of sex crimes including, but not limited to:

Criminal Penalties in Central Florida for Individuals Convicted of Sex Crimes

Any individual convicted of a sex crime charged as a felony will be required to register as a sex offender for life, and comply with registration laws not only in Florida, but throughout the U.S. Prison time is mandatory as well, and the time served will depend on the specific offense as well as other factors such as criminal history. Probation is another penalty which imposes a curfew, restricts where you may choose to live, and more. Essentially, the more severe the crime you are accused of committing, the harsher the penalties.

Other than homicide offenses, sex crimes are some of the most serious, and punished harshly. This is why it is imperative to consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney who will do everything necessary to secure the best possible result. We will investigate the charges, explore all potential legal options available, analyze the evidence brought by prosecutors, and develop a solid defense strategy in our effort to prevent a conviction should your case go to trial. Ultimately, we want to protect your legal rights, freedom, and future to the greatest extent possible.

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Being arrested or investigated for a sex-related offense is serious; your freedom, reputation, and relationships are at risk. Do not talk to police or anyone else before speaking with one of our highly qualified Eustis sex crimes lawyers, as you could be putting your future further in jeopardy. Contact our firm today for a free consultation and unsurpassed legal representation at (352)357-4084.

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