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Whether you have been arrested for drug trafficking or charged with possession, it is vital to consult with a capable and experienced Apopka drug crimes attorney. At Adams & Luka, we fight aggressively for our clients; we know the harsh administrative and criminal penalties individuals may face if convicted of a drug offense. Whether the alleged crime involves the possession, selling, distribution, manufacture, or trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription, or other illegal substances, the consequences can be life-changing for those found guilty. We urge you to contact our firm immediately for unsurpassed legal guidance and representation.

Understandably, those who have never been in legal trouble before are frightened, not knowing what the future holds. It is natural to be nervous and concerned about what will happen to you. We will answer all of your questions, provide guidance throughout the process, explore all possible legal options, and work to obtain the best possible results. In some cases, defendants may qualify for a diversion program or drug court which focuses on rehabilitation, rather than punishment.

Our firm provides clients with more than 30 years of combined experience; we have been highly successful representing clients accused of all types of drug crimes including:

Obtaining the Assistance of a Skilled Drug Crimes Lawyer is Critical for Good Results

Most people have no idea how easily their legal rights may be violated in the course of an arrest. You may also not be aware of the various legal options available to you. Police often perform searches without a warrant, or may overstep their boundaries in other ways. In some situations, it may be more favorable to the client to negotiate a plea deal; in others, fighting in court is the best option. Police and prosecutors are often over-zealous in their efforts to make an arrest and convict the suspect, even when the defendant may be totally innocent. We will investigate every detail of your arrest, determine all possible legal avenues, analyze the evidence, question whether your rights were violated or mistakes made by police, develop a sound defense strategy, and more in our efforts to secure positive results. Ultimately, it is our job to protect your freedom, reputation, and future to the greatest extent possible.

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Drug crimes are extremely serious, and leave those convicted facing severe penalties which may include jail/prison time, steep fines, probation, a criminal record, and more. Whether you are under investigation or have already been arrested, we urge you to take action immediately. Do not speak with police or answer their questions before talking with our Apopka drug crimes lawyers. Contact Adams & Luka now for a free consultation at (407)872-0307.

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