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The Villages, Florida

The Villages, Florida Criminal Lawyers

With a population of over 51,400, The Villages is one of the safest cities in the U.S., in fact safer than 92% of other cities around the nation. However, as experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know that crimes can happen in any city, no matter how safe it is. Like most other cities, theft and assault seem to be most common. Regardless of whether you are under investigation or have been arrested for a theft offense, DUI, or a drug or sex crime, we provide exceptional legal guidance and support, always working toward securing the best possible outcome. Contact Adams & Luka now at (352)793-2100 or (352)787-2101.

Anyone can find him- or herself in a frightening situation. Whether you are a factory worker, work in an office, at a retail store, or are a doctor or other licensed professional, being charged with a crime leaves you facing an incredible amount of uncertainty. Depending on the offense you are alleged to have committed, will you face jail/prison time? How will it affect your reputation and career? We understand what you are going through. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and dedicated approach essential to good results.

We have successfully represented clients accused of all types of crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Violent crimes - domestic violence, murder, arson, carjacking
  • Theft/property crimes - armed robbery, home invasion, auto theft, identity theft
  • Sex crimes - child molestation, Internet sex crimes, statutory rape
  • Drug crimes - possession, manufacture, distribution
  • DUI offenses - felony drunk driving, child endangerment
  • Juvenile offenses

Your legal rights must be protected from the very beginning; we urge you to take action now in your own defense.

Unsurpassed Legal Representation for Clients Residing in The Villages

Police are not your friends, although they will try to make you believe they want to "help." They can and do make mistakes, and will use anything you say against you. Prosecutors are often relentless in their efforts to convict a defendant. The criminal justice system is one that is complicated and difficult to navigate on your own; without a seasoned criminal defense lawyer at your side, you are placing your freedom and future at risk. We understand how prosecutors work, and will guide you through the criminal justice process, always keeping you informed of the progress. Our top priority is having charges dismissed or reduced, or securing an acquittal should your case go to trial. We thoroughly investigate every case, analyze the evidence, and much more in order to develop the best possible legal strategy.

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Any crime should be taken seriously, whether you have been charged with felony drunk driving or are under investigation for domestic violence or theft. At Adams & Luka, we believe in a personal approach, and will work with you in order to reach your desired results. Put your case in capable, trusted hands by calling us for a free consultation now at (352)793-2100 or (352)787-2101.

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