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It is not uncommon for teens or juveniles to get in trouble with the law, whether in relation to underage drinking, drug possession, shoplifting, assault, or other crimes. For a parent, having a child potentially facing criminal penalties can be devastating. Whether a son or daughter was caught with marijuana, stopped for suspicion of DUI, or arrested for theft or criminal mischief, it is critical to consult with The Villages juvenile defense attorney right away. You do not want your minor child facing potential jail time, fines, a criminal record, or other consequences that could impact his or her life forever. We urge you to contact Adams & Luka today.

When a person younger than age 18 is accused of a crime, one parent or legal guardian must attend any hearings the juvenile is required to attend. When a parent/legal guardian fails to appear at pretrial hearings, the actual trial, or sentencing, that individual may be held in contempt of court. We understand the difficulty many people have attending all hearings, and work to minimize the required time in court. Juvenile cases are very different from those of adults who are charged with a criminal offense; we are highly familiar with the juvenile justice system, and focus on rehabilitation of minors rather than harsh punishment. Teens make mistakes, as we all do as humans. In many cases, minors are influenced by their peers and do not realize the possible consequences of their actions.

A few of our areas of expertise in juvenile law include, but are not limited to:

Working With a Seasoned The Villages Juvenile Defense Attorney is Crucial to Positive Results

We know that teens or minors facing criminal charges have specific needs and unique fears; what does the future hold, and what might the punishment be if found guilty of a crime? Whether a minor is accused of writing a bad check, driving with a suspended license, possession of drugs, assault, DUI, shoplifting, or even something more serious, we have the skill, experience, and dedicated approach essential to obtaining the best possible result.

In the state of Florida, juvenile crime is a serious matter. Although lawmakers claim the desire to rehabilitate rather than punish, this is often not the case - juveniles may face serious penalties, in some cases the same punishment adults face depending on the offense and other factors. It is imperative you have a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is as dedicated and capable in defending your minor child as he/she would be if developing an effective criminal defense strategy for an adult. We will keep you apprised throughout the process, answer all of your questions, and work diligently to protect your child's freedom, reputation, and future. We do not believe that teens who make mistakes should have their lives negatively affected forever.

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Whether you are a minor or the parent of a juvenile, no one wants to face criminal punishment and consequences that may affect the rest of his/her life. At Adams & Luka, our The Villages juvenile defense lawyers have the experience, skill, and committed approach essential to securing good results. Take action now; contact our firm for a free consultation regarding your case at (352)787-2101.

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