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When a minor in Tavares (someone younger than 18) is charged with a crime, the case is typically handled in the Juvenile Justice System, unlike the adult Criminal Justice System which focuses on punishment. What is the difference? The Juvenile Justice System promotes the rehabilitation of young people or teens who have committed a crime such as DUI, drug possession, assault, theft crimes, etc. Still, there are some situations in which a juvenile may be tried as an adult. Regardless, no parent wants to see his or her child facing criminal charges. We understand the confusion, and that you have many questions regarding the future of your child. When you need a capable juvenile defense attorney in Tavares, count on the team at Adams & Luka for unsurpassed legal guidance and support.

Tavares Juvenile Face Jail Time

The fact is, even juveniles may face possible jail time, a juvenile record, and have his/her future employment or educational opportunities put in jeopardy. As humans, we all make mistakes; teens are particularly vulnerable given the pressure by friends to participate in activities that could come with grave consequences. Juveniles rarely consider what may happen if they have a few drinks or shoplift; in fact, most believe they are invincible and won't get caught. When they do, their entire lives change in an instant.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our criminal attorneys in Tavares have obtained positive results in countless cases involving juveniles. Our areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

Consulting a Qualified Tavares Juvenile Crimes Attorney is Critical

While juveniles do not often face the harsh punishment adults do for committing a crime, the punishment is still serious and will depend on the severity of the crime committed. Some of the consequences your child may face include:

  • Juvenile detention
  • House arrest
  • Loss of driver's license
  • Counseling
  • Random drug testing
  • Curfew/probation

First and foremost, we want to ensure your child is not prosecuted as an adult in the Criminal Justice System. In addition, it is often possible to have charges dismissed, or at a minimum reduced so that the punishment is less severe. If any evidence against a juvenile is obtained in an illegal manner, we work to have that evidence suppressed. Even minors need a good defense when accused of a crime; we will also help your family by providing references for therapy, counseling, or other services that will assist your child in getting back on a positive path. It is also important that your child avoids a criminal record when possible, as these records are permanent and can impact every area of his or her life forever.

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