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If you have been arrested and charged with DUI (driving under the influence) in Tavares, it is important to know that not only could you face jail time, fines, and a criminal record you will also have a very limited window of time in which to get your driver's license back - 10 days. At Adams & Luka, our DUI lawyers realize the embarrassment many people experience when charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, however we also know how a conviction can impact your life. It is possible to fight the charge, and we never recommend someone throw in the towel and plead guilty before obtaining legal guidance.

Challenging a DUI Case in Tavares

When you have been arrested for DUI, you may believe there is no sense in fighting the charge. This is especially true if you blew over 0.08 on a breathalyzer test, or failed field sobriety or blood tests. The fact is, it isn't unusual to win your case despite failing some or all of these tests. Equipment used in performing these tests isn't always properly calibrated; police may not have had reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place. Whether you pass or fail the standardized field sobriety test is based solely on the opinion of the officer administering the test. Many factors can be challenged!

You may believe it is best to accept a plea bargain in order to avoid the serious consequences you may face if found guilty at trial. While you may avoid jail time, this is not usually favorable for the defendant. By working with a highly qualified and experienced Tavares defense lawyer, it may be possible to have charges dismissed, or win the case in court so that you can avoid the penalties and sanctions that can turn your life upside down.

Penalties if Convicted of DUI in Lake County, FL

The penalties you may face if found guilty of driving under the influence depend on whether it is a first conviction or you have been convicted of DUI numerous times in the past.

A first conviction may result in up to six months in jail, 40 hours of community service, probation, and fines of up to $1,000. Your driver's license will be suspended for a minimum of 180 days.

A second conviction may result in up to nine months in jail, driver's license suspension for a minimum of 180 days but possibly as long as one year, and fines of up to $2,000.

A third conviction may result in up to one year in jail with a minimum 30 day jail sentence of which 48 consecutive hours must be served, driver's license revocation for a minimum of ten years, and fines of up to $5,000.

Felony DUI occurs on the fourth and subsequent convictions, or a third offense that occurs within 10 years of prior DUI convictions. Penalties may include a maximum of five years in prison, permanent revocation of your driver's license, and a minimum fine of $2,000.

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As you can see, the punishment for a DUI conviction in Tavares is severe. However, never assume that there is no way to fight the charge or win your case. As seasoned DUI defense attorneys with decades of experience, we will put our skill, knowledge, and dedicated approach to work for you. Contact Adams & Luka now for a free consultation regarding your DUI case at 407-872-0307.

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