Marijuana Possession Attorney in Tavares, FL

While marijuana is legal in some states, Florida is not one of those states at the present time.  Those arrested for possession of marijuana are often frightened and not sure of what to expect in terms of legal ramifications and punishment.  At Adams & Luka, our Tavares drug possession lawyers are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to making sure accusations of possessing marijuana do not haunt you for the rest of your life.

Lake County, FL Marijuana Possession

In Tavares and throughout Lake County, FL, marijuana possession is a criminal offense that may leave you facing misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the amount of cannabis involved and other factors.  If you are found in possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, it is generally a misdemeanor offense.  More than 20 grams of cannabis, and you may be charged with felony marijuana possession.

The criminal penalties are typically more serious for those charged with a felony offense than for those charged with a misdemeanor offense.  Regardless, you do not want to have a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record, as it can result it loss of job opportunities, eligibility for loans or student grants, and more.  There is much at stake in regards to your future; it is essential to work with a qualified criminal defense attorney in Tavares.

Lake County, FL Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Possession

The criminal penalties you may face if charged with marijuana possession depend primarily on whether the charge is classified as misdemeanor or felony.  Other factors may come into play, however any conviction will affect your freedom as well as your future.

    1.    If you are found guilty of misdemeanor marijuana possession, you may face driver's license suspension, a $1,000 fine, and a maximum of one year in jail or probation.

    2.    If convicted of felony marijuana possession, the penalties are substantially greater and include driver's license suspension, fines of up to $5,000, and up to five years in jail.

The punishment you may face also depends on whether you are charged with a first- or second-degree misdemeanor, or a first-, second- or third-degree felony.  Prosecutors often work to "trump up" a marijuana possession offense to one that involves the intent to sell, deliver, or traffic.  This can result in severe penalties, including fines of as much as $200,000 and a maximum of 30 years in prison.

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There are several effective defense strategies for those accused of marijuana possession in Tavares.  In many instances, the outcome depends on whether an illegal search and/or seizure may have been performed by law enforcement.  While possession of marijuana may not seem like a big deal, it actually is considering the loss of freedom and job opportunities you may face.  A criminal record could impact your life forever.  At Adams & Luka, our Tavares criminal defense attorneys work vigorously to protect your future and freedom, developing a solid defense strategy should your case go to trial.  We will provide the legal guidance essential for good results, answer your questions, and explore all possible legal options.  Contact us now for a free consultation.
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