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Drug trafficking, whether in cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription drugs such as Oxycontin or hydrocodone, or any other controlled substance or narcotic is a serious criminal offense.  If you are facing drug trafficking charges in Tavares, it is imperative to seek the legal guidance and support of a skilled drug crimes attorney. At Adams & Luka, we provide vigorous legal representation for those accused of any and all drug-related offenses, no matter how minor or serious.

What is drug trafficking?  Essentially, anyone who is involved in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, or sale of illicit drugs may be charged with drug trafficking.  In many cases it is the amount of drug police discover or seize that may lead to trafficking charges.  For example, someone who has 28 grams (one ounce) or more of cocaine in his or her possession may face trafficking charges.  The same is true of someone who is in possession of more than 25 pounds of cannabis, or 300 or more marijuana plants.  The fact someone has a large quantity of illegal drugs in his or her possession often suggests to law enforcement that the person is trafficking or distributing the drug.

Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy in Tavares

It is quite common for someone to be charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs.  In fact, several individuals may be found guilty on conspiracy charges in connection with the same offense and quantity of drugs, regardless of their responsibility or the part they take in distributing the drugs.  Why is conspiracy frequently the charge?  Because it is easier to prove.  The fact someone has a large amount of drugs in his or her possession on its own does not always support a drug trafficking charge.  

With conspiracy, the government does not have to have physical evidence such as paraphernalia, large amounts of cash, packaging materials used in selling, etc.  In fact, those accused don't even have to complete the crime in order to be found guilty.  All the prosecutor has to do is prove that two or more individuals agreed to break the law, and that at least one of those individuals took a significant step toward achieving the goal. 

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Florida

Unlike some other drug charges, those charged with trafficking face extremely serious punishment as this is the most serious drug related offense in the state.  Anyone who is arrested for drug trafficking in Tavares will face felony charges, and if convicted a mandatory minimum prison sentence.  For example, if you are found guilty of trafficking one ounce (28 grams) of cocaine, you will face three years in prison, a $50,000 fine, and other sanctions.  The judge has no say in this matter, and sentencing is not left to his or her discretion; it is a mandatory sentence.  

Ultimately the sentence you may face if found guilty depends on factors including criminal history, where the crime occurred, and most importantly the amount and type of drug involved.  To put it in simple terms, as the amount of controlled substance or narcotic drugs involved increases, so does the sentence.  Mandatory minimum penalties are severe, as someone found guilty of trafficking 28 grams to 30 kilograms of heroin will face 25 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.  

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As you can see, even the mandatory minimum sentences are extremely harsh.  If convicted of drug trafficking your entire future is put at risk; you will lose your freedom, reputation, and possibly relationships with your family.  At Adams & Luka our Lake County criminal defense attorneys work vigorously to protect your legal rights, investigate whether police may have violated your rights, explore all legal options, and develop the best defense strategy for your unique set of circumstances.  For unsurpassed results we urge you to contact us today for a free consultation.  

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