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With violent and property crime rates lower than the U.S. average, Deltona is a city of approximately 86,000 residents in central Florida. As experienced defense attorneys, the team at Adams & Luka know that regardless of crime rate statistics, crimes occur in every city, from the smallest to the largest. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a drug or sex crime, theft, burglary, assault, or even DUI, it is important to protect your legal rights immediately by contacting us at (407)872-0307.

The criminal penalties for a crime can be severe, depending on the crime an individual is charged with, his/her criminal history, and other factors. For instance, even a DUI conviction can result in jail time, substantial fines, driver's license suspension, and more. More serious offenses may result in a prison term that varies in length from one or two years to life - or even the death penalty. A criminal record will impact the defendant's life in terms of employment, student loans, housing, and other matters. Probation, community service, and court-ordered attendance of alcohol or drug abuse programs are other sanctions, depending on the charges. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we have successfully represented clients charged with all types of crimes throughout central Florida.

Examples of the types of crimes we have secured good results for include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug crimes - possession, manufacture, distribution of illegal substances, cocaine charges, marijuana possession
  • Theft/property crimes - home invasion, identity theft, armed robbery, auto theft
  • Violent crimes - manslaughter, domestic violence, carjacking, murder
  • Juvenile offenses
  • DUI offenses - felony drunk driving, child endangerment
  • Sex crimes - statutory rape, child molestation, Internet sex crimes
Aggressive Legal Representation for Deltona Clients

Adams & Luka provides vigorous, effective legal guidance and support to clients, always working toward the best possible result. As experienced Deltona criminal defense attorneys, we are thoroughly familiar with the criminal justice system, police, prosecutors, judges, and all who are involved in the criminal process. We know that police are often relentless when it comes to interrogating suspects; prosecutors have one goal, and that is to secure a conviction. Your legal rights must be protected; never answer questions posed by police without first consulting with a seasoned defense lawyer. We will work to protect your legal rights, investigate your case, challenge the prosecutor's evidence, explore potential weaknesses in the case, gather expert witnesses for the defense when necessary, examine your legal options, and develop the most effective defense strategy for your unique situation.

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When potentially facing criminal charges, much is at stake including your freedom, reputation, and career. No matter how minor or serious your situation may seem, it is vital to seek experienced legal counsel. At Adams & Luka, our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome, preventing the filing of charges when possible, or having them dismissed or reduced. Should your case go to trial, we will work tirelessly to prevent a conviction. Contact us today for a free consultation at (407)872-0307.

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