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Probation Violation Attorney in Tavares, FL

Many people are placed on probation after pleading guilty or being convicted of a criminal offense. When on probation, there are certain conditions that must not be violated. Ultimately, it is possible that not abiding by the conditions of your probation could result in your being sentenced to the punishment you would have faced for criminal charges had you not been given probation. At Adams & Luka, our Tavares probation violation lawyers know how serious the situation may be in you are accused of violating the terms of your probation. We urge you to contact our office now for exceptional legal guidance and representation.

Those who are placed on probation must comply with conditions ordered by the court, and are monitored or "supervised" by a Probation Officer. A probation officer has duties which may include making certain the offender attends counseling or treatment programs ordered by the court, ensuring adherence to curfew, and carrying out any duties assigned by the court. If you violate the terms of probation, the probation officer may report the alleged violation to the court. Regardless of who makes the allegations, it is vital you work with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Tavares who is familiar with and experienced in these matters.

What Happens When Conditions of Probation are Violated

Whether you violate probation or are accused of doing so, your supervising officer will begin the process of having you arrested. The next step is the scheduling of a Bond or violation hearing; during this time you will likely be placed in jail, and may or may not be granted a bond. If a bond is not given, your lawyer will file a bond motion and work to convince the judge that you should be released from jail.

Frequently VOP warrants are 'no bond' warrants. This means that upon your arrest, you could be sitting behind bars for a significant period of time as you cannot bond out while the case is still pending. It is important that even under these conditions, those accused of violating probation continue reporting to their probation officer. Failure to do so could make matters far worse, and will reduce the odds that you will be granted another opportunity to complete probation or be given bond.

Probation Violation Defense in Lake County, FL

Unlike someone who goes to trial on criminal charges, those accused of probation violation are not given the opportunity to present their case in front of a jury. Instead, it is left up to the judge to decide the case. Additionally, the standard of proof is far lower in a probation violation case than at trial, which means providing a compelling defense can be much more difficult and challenging. This is why it is critical that you choose a Lake County criminal defense lawyer who is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to doing everything necessary to obtain good results.

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Adams & Luka are ready to begin work on your probation violation case immediately. We will focus initially on the matter of bond and getting you released from jail, then work with you to resolve your case and achieve the desired outcome. Many times someone unknowingly or accidentally violates probation. Whatever your situation, we urge you to contact us immediately for a free consultation at 407-872-0307.

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