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Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida Criminal Lawyers

A mid-sized city with a population of approximately 56,300, Ocala has a higher than average crime rate when it comes to violent and property crimes. Theft offenses, burglary, and assault are the most common crimes in the area, although there have also been instances of robbery, auto theft, rape, and even murder. At Adams & Luka, our criminal defense attorneys understand that you don't have to be charged with a particularly violent or serious crime to be frightened and uncertain. Even a DUI or arrest for shoplifting or marijuana possession can be stressful, leaving you concerned about your career, freedom, and reputation. Regardless of what you are facing, we can help. Call our legal firm now at (352)787-2101 for exceptional legal guidance and support.

Most people who are under investigation or have been arrested wonder about what, if any, criminal penalties they may face if found guilty. The fact is, the seriousness of the punishment depends on a number of factors, including the offense you have allegedly committed, and your criminal history. A murder conviction could result in decades behind bars, or even life in prison - or worse. Other crimes may result in a brief stint in jail, probation, substantial fines, community service, or even driver's license suspension or the requirement to register as a sex offender in the event you are found guilty of a sex crime. It is important you have a skilled, aggressive attorney on your side regardless of the offense you have been accused of.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our firm has a proven track record for obtaining good results for clients accused of all types of crimes, including:

  • Violent crimes - carjacking, murder, manslaughter, domestic violence
  • Theft/property crimes - auto theft, home invasion, identity theft, armed robbery
  • Sex crimes - child pornography, rape, child molestation, Internet sex crimes
  • Drug crimes - cocaine charges, possession, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances, marijuana possession
  • Juvenile offenses
  • DUI crimes - felony drunk driving, child endangerment
Skilled Legal Representation for Ocala Clients

The fact that you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime does not indicate your guilt. In fact, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. At Adams & Luka, our Ocala criminal defense attorneys are highly familiar with the criminal justice system, and how police and prosecutors work. Police must follow proper protocol and cannot violate your Constitutional rights, although they often do. Police are relentless when questioning suspects; prosecutors want to obtain a conviction, regardless of the damage to the defendant's life and reputation. We work aggressively to fight the charges, exploring potential weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, examining all of your legal options, investigating the charges against you, collecting any of our own evidence that may be beneficial to your case, developing a solid defense strategy, and more. We may be able to prevent the filing of charges if you have not already been charged. If so, our focus will be on having charges dismissed or reduced. Our defense lawyers are skilled both in and out of the courtroom, so we will not be intimidated should your case go to trial.

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Never attempt to defend yourself if you have been charged with a crime; you are putting your freedom, reputation, and future at risk, as the criminal justice system is highly complex and difficult to navigate for those not familiar with it. At Adams & Luka, we vigorously defend our clients and believe in a dedicated approach, always focusing on the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation at (352)787-2101.

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