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Minneola, Florida

Minneola, Florida Criminal Attorneys

A city of approximately 9,400 residents, Minneola has a lower than average crime rate, however crimes occur in every city, regardless of size. At Adams & Luka, our criminal defense lawyers know that individuals often find themselves in frightening and stressful situations. You may have been arrested for driving under the influence; you may be under investigation for domestic violence or some type of theft. No matter what your situation is, it is important to seek legal guidance immediately, as the criminal penalties for many crimes are severe. By contacting us now at (352)787-2101 we can begin work to protect your freedom and legal rights.

Possible jail/prison time, fines, probation, community service, and a criminal record are not the only possible implications of being found guilty of a crime. Your career and reputation may be affected as well. If you hold a professional license, it may be in jeopardy. Regardless of how minor or serious the crime you have allegedly committed seems, it is important to have a Minneola criminal lawyer on your side for the best possible outcome.

Some examples of the types of charges we have successfully defended clients against include:

  • Sex offenses including statutory rape, Internet sex crimes, and child molestation
  • Drug offenses including possession, manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs or substances
  • Violent offenses including arson, domestic violence, murder, carjacking, kidnapping
  • Property and theft offenses including armed robbery, auto theft, identity theft, home invasion
  • Juvenile offenses including drug possession, underage drinking, assault, shoplifting
  • Felony drunk driving, child endangerment, and other DUI offenses

With more than 30 years of combined experience in criminal law, we bring exceptional legal guidance and support to every client we represent.

Criminal Representation for Minneola Clients

At Adams & Luka, we know the serious repercussions a conviction can have on your life. No one wants to spend time behind bars, whether for 10 days or 30 years - or possibly even life. A permanent criminal record can negatively impact your life in more ways than you could imagine, including job and housing opportunities, the ability to obtain student loans, and more. We have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the criminal justice system in central Florida, and know how prosecutors work. This gives us an advantage when it comes to successfully defending clients charged with all types of crimes. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you, examine the evidence, interview witnesses, challenge the evidence against you, and work to develop the most effective defense strategy for your unique situation. Our #1 priority is to prevent filing of charges, or have them dismissed or reduced. If it becomes necessary to go to trial, we are strong in the courtroom and never intimidated by prosecutors or judges.

Contact Adams & Luka Immediately

Anyone under investigation or charged with a crime should consult with a qualified and capable criminal defense attorney immediately. It is vital that work begin on your case early on, while the details, evidence, and even eyewitness accounts are still fresh. Every individual has legal rights under the U.S. Constitution; those rights must be protected. At Adams & Luka, we fight vigorously for our clients, doing all that is necessary to reach positive results. Contact us immediately for a free consultation at (352)787-2101.

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