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Lake County Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Juveniles can find themselves in the same situations adults do, whether accused of drinking, possessing drugs, assault, theft, sex crimes, or worse. The difference is, most juveniles (those younger than age 18) are not mentally mature enough to understand the potential consequences of their actions. Most teens submit to peer pressure, some hanging out with the wrong crowd; they do things without thinking, never realizing they could face jail time, fines, juvenile detention, or other punishment. As a parent, it is vital to choose a highly capable and competent Lake County juvenile defense attorney when your child's freedom, reputation, or future is at stake. At Adams & Luka, we know you have many questions and that you are concerned about what your child may be facing. We provide outstanding legal guidance and reputation, helping you understand and navigate the juvenile justice system while fighting on behalf of your child and family.

The juvenile justice system differs from the criminal justice system adults face when charged with a crime. We strongly believe in rehabilitation rather than punishment. With juvenile cases, the rules, terms, and procedures are different from those that apply to adults. It s important to choose a defense attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in juvenile cases, one who has your child's best interests at heart.

Juveniles can face the same charges that adults do. We focus on many areas in juvenile cases, including but not limited to:

Whether your child has been accused of something as seemingly minor as violating curfew or possessing a small amount of marijuana, or something more serious such as sexual assault or joyriding, we will provide outstanding legal guidance and support.

Personalized Legal Representation for Lake County Juveniles

We believe in a personal approach to each case, as every case is unique. There are various legal options we will explore in an effort to achieve the best possible result. Some of the options that may be available depending on the facts of your child's case include having charges dismissed, pretrial diversion, having evidence excluded or "motion to suppress" evidence that may have been obtained illegally, negotiations with prosecutors/court to avoid a formal conviction, seeking of a reduced sentence, and more. First-time offenders are often eligible for teen court or a specific county's pretrial diversion program. We explore every option, thoroughly investigate the allegations against your child, and help determine the most favorable path to the best possible result.

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Juveniles have constitutional rights, just as adults do. Underage teens are guaranteed protection from illegal police conduct, and the facts of your child's case are extremely important. Consent to search, lack of evidence, illegally obtained statements - all of these factors are critical. For exceptional legal representation and the personal attention you deserve, contact a skilled Lake County juvenile defense lawyer with Adams & Luka now. Call (352)787-2101 today for a free consultation.

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