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Kissimmee, Florida Juvenile Defense Lawyer

In the state of Florida, minors (those younger than age 18) are considered juvenile offenders in most cases when accused of a crime. In the majority of cases, the juvenile will be prosecuted in the Juvenile Justice System rather than the criminal system reserved for adults. However, in some situations a juvenile may be tried as an adult. Teens often make mistakes, getting involved in drugs, theft, underage drinking, or even more serious offenses such as sexual assault. Does this mean a teen should be severely punished? Not in our opinion - juveniles deserve a second chance. When you need a capable Kissimmee juvenile defense attorney, count on the professionals at Adams & Luka for unsurpassed legal guidance and support.

No parent wants to see his or her child face jail time, juvenile detention, a criminal record, or other circumstances that could negatively impact the child's life now, and in the future. In general, our state focuses on rehabilitation rather than criminal punishment, however the process can be confusing and complex, to say the least. We understand that having a minor child accused of a crime can be upsetting, stressful, even traumatic. Our goal is to answer all of your questions, explain all possible legal options, keep you informed throughout the process, and ultimately obtain the best possible result.

We are a good choice for juveniles facing criminal charges, having more than 30 years of combined experience in these types of cases. Some of our areas of focus in regards to juvenile crimes include, but are not limited to:

Skilled Legal Representation for Kissimmee Juveniles Accused of a Crime

The simple truth is that seeking legal counsel immediately can help you determine what steps need to be taken to protect your child's future. Even when a teen commits a seemingly minor crime such as shoplifting or underage drinking, it could result in a criminal record. Additionally, many parents do not understand the possible consequences of waiving the juvenile's right to a speedy trial. Juveniles have certain rights when accused of a crime, just as adults do. Those legal rights must be protected early on. When your child is represented by a skilled defense attorney, it also increases the chances that the charges may be dropped, or to investigate other options such as a diversion program. Naturally, any parent would rather a child be given the opportunity to receive counseling or perform community service than face jail time or other harsh punishment. Our Kissimmee juvenile defense lawyers are committed to the best possible outcome, and protecting your child's future.

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Ultimately, your goal as a parent is to protect your child from harsh punishment and any long-term consequences. Teen aged minors are often influenced by their peers; they make mistakes without considering the possibility they may be arrested, or face punishment. While our state supposedly focuses on rehabilitation for juveniles, vigorous prosecutors often have other ideas and work to have youthful offenders punished. This can be devastating to a child's future in terms of reputation, education, career, and more. Our Kissimmee juvenile defense attorneys are experienced, skilled, and committed to obtaining the results your child and your family deserve. Contact us now for a free consultation at (407)872-0307.

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