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Domestic Battery Attorney in Tavares, FL

Domestic battery, also referred to as domestic violence, is a charge that can be difficult to overcome. Defined as intentionally touching of another individual or striking a person without his/her consent, or inflicting bodily harm intentionally to someone who is a household or family member, Florida vigorously prosecutes those accused of domestic battery. A conviction will result in harsh criminal penalties and other consequences that can affect your life over the long-term. If you have been accused of domestic violence in Tavares, it is urgent that you consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney at Adams & Luka now.

Who is Considered a 'Family or Household Member' in Domestic Battery Cases in Tavares?

Florida Statute Section 741.28 holds that a family or household member may include:

  • Individuals living in the same household as a family
  • Husbands and wives
  • Ex-spouses
  • Individuals who are related either by marriage or blood
  • Parents who share a child, regardless of whether they have married
  • Individuals who have lived together as a family in the past

Household or family members must be living in the same dwelling unit (single home) or have lived in the same single family home in the past, other than in the case of parents of a child or children who do not reside together.

Domestic battery may also involve other criminal charges depending on the circumstances, including sexual assault, stalking, spousal rape, harassment, or injunction order violations among others.

Domestic Battery Penalties in Florida

Classified as a first-degree misdemeanor, those convicted of domestic battery or violence will face penalties that include up to 12 months probation or one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, and other penalties outlined under Florida Statutes Chapter 741 due to the domestic nature of the offense. These mandatory penalties include:

  • 12 months probation
  • Successful completion of a Batterer's Intervention Program, typically lasting 26 weeks
  • Community service hours
  • If bodily injury occurs and the defendant is found guilty, he/she will be required to spend five days in jail
  • Enforcement of a 'no contact' order or injunction

In 2015, there were 1,560 reports of domestic violence incidents in Lake County. The Tavares Police Department reported 13 incidents, 8 of those being aggravated assault and 5 simple assault.

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