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Buenaventura Lakes, Florida

Buenaventura Lakes, Florida Criminal Lawyers

As criminal defense attorneys who have represented clients accused of crimes throughout central Florida, we know that Buenaventura Lakes has a higher than average crime rate when it comes to violent and property crimes. Whether you have been accused of home invasion, charged with murder, or even arrested for shoplifting or DUI, it is critical you contact an experienced lawyer. Your legal rights must be protected early on; your freedom, reputation, and career may be at risk. At Adams & Luka, we provide every client we represent with exceptional legal guidance and support. We urge you to contact us now at (407)872-0307.

Being suspected of a crime even if you have not yet been arrested is frightening and stressful. The average person has no idea what they will face with the criminal justice system, or whether their freedom may be in jeopardy. The criminal penalties for a conviction depend on several factors, including the seriousness of the crime allegedly committed and the defendant's criminal history. Penalties may include jail/prison time, fines, probation, even driver's license suspension in some cases. You will also have a criminal record which will likely negatively affect your life in many ways, including employment opportunities and housing.

Our law firm brings more than 30 years of combined experience to the table for clients accused of all types of crimes. We have a proven track record for defending clients charged with a wide array of crimes, including:

  • Sex crimes - statutory rape, Internet sex crimes, child molestation
  • Violent crimes - murder, domestic violence, arson, kidnapping
  • Property and theft crimes - armed robbery, auto theft, home invasion, identity theft
  • DUI crimes - child endangerment, felony drunk driving
  • Drug crimes - possession, manufacture, and/or distribution of illegal drugs and substances
  • Juvenile crimes
Outstanding Legal Representation for Buenaventura Lakes Clients

In order to fight the charges and prevent a conviction, it is critical to have a seasoned Buenaventura Lakes criminal defense attorney in your corner. At Adams & Luka, we have worked thousands of cases, and understand how police and prosecutors work. Ultimately, their goal is to charge you with a crime, and secure a conviction. You have certain legal rights that must not be violated, however police often do violate these rights. Prosecutors must have compelling evidence, and must prove each element of a crime in order for a defendant to be found guilty. We will work vigorously to protect you throughout the criminal process, investigating your case, addressing your concerns/questions, analyzing the evidence, determining all possible legal options, and developing a solid defense strategy in the event you do go to trial. In many cases it is possible to avoid trial by having charges dismissed or reduced.

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If you have not been charged with a crime, we may be able to prevent filing of charges. However, if you have already been charged our criminal defense lawyers are highly capable and dedicated to providing you with skilled legal representation. Don't put your freedom and reputation in jeopardy. At Adams & Luka, we fight hard for our clients, and are dedicated to securing the best possible results. Contact us now for a free consultation at (407)872-0307.

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